This is THE tool for emptying pet food cans and packets.

"Crylli" is a new, unique product for cat lovers.


It is difficult to imagine without having seen it.  Whoever tries it, doesn’t want to do without it. Everyone is amazed at the geniality of the “Crylli”. No more forks, spoons, knives or other kitchen tools. No more “using fingers” to empty the can or packet, “Crylli” is the one tool for everything.

It is easy to use. Stroke the base of the packet flat using thumb and index finger. Tear open the packet, place the packet in the “Crylli” slit and stroke towards packet opening. In this way the packet or can can be emptied completely and nothing goes to waste. The spatula is also ideal when used vertically to empty cans.

“Crylli” is made from non-tainting plastic and can also be used with normal cans and tubes.


"Crylli" is made in Bavaria/Germany.


Crylli costst  7,50 €  inkl. MwSt per item. plus postage of 2,50€ in Germany (other  EU countries und USA  4,45€  ).
Payment in advance by bank transfer. The order will be posted within 8 working days after payment.

“Crylli” is available in the colors: anthracite, orange, pink, pastel-blue, green and rasberry-red.

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